Know About Us

We are a clothing brand focused on fashion and youth life, because we will not always be children, we will grow up and that is when you will no longer want to see yourself as a child, that’s why we are here, to deliver the latest trends, styles, fabrics and more. Ashion offers modern, elegant, and fun lines so that you are always ready for any occasion, be it online classes, a job interview, or a crazy party at your friend’s house, any occasion ;).

Ashion was founded by me, hello I am HION and I am the founder and current CEO of the brand and I am very happy to tell you this story about a young man who with a lot of effort managed to grow a small company. I have created a small team but with a big heart we managed to create this, but this is just beginning.

Ashion was founded in 2018 and we started with a small store in Parsippany, NJ. local people loved the concept, the fabric and the cuts so we got off to a good start and connection with the people. The year 2020 is coming and with it the COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly affected small companies like mine, so with the entire team we decided to take another strategic path, we decided to leave the physical store and open an eCommerce for everyone to be part of the Ashion family and also because the future is now, old man.

Ashion, Fashion & Passion.